Tim O'Brien

Chief Technology Officer


Tim is the Chief Technology Office at SportVEST and supports the team with tokenomic guidance, along with technical expertise for both the Fund and the SportVEST foundation. A former member of the Google Research and Development team, Tim is the architect of tools and processes from many years consulting with Fortune 500 companies and U.S. defense contractors to help them scale and automate their business processes and high volume transaction systems. He used his experience in building highly reliable systems for banking, airline, and more recently medical and military applications. He also developed the idea of mission critical blockchain applications while helping a company launch an ICO for that required complex processes in a near mission critical settings. Tim has 20 years’ experience building mission critical applications while working for Raytheon, City Group, Deutsche Bank, Bank of Tokyo, Danske Bank, Philips Health, Cerner Health, Norwegian Air Continental Airlines and most recently Google.

Key Skills

Algorithms 90%
Machine Learning85%
Tech & Software Design95%