Eamonn Donlyn

General Partner


Eamonn is a General Partner at SportVEST and utilizes his extensive network in the sports industry along with his experience as an executive in media and technology from his time in Silicon Valley to help analyze the leadership and teams to determine which companies SportVEST will consider for investment and also serves as an integral member of the Fund’s Advisory Board, while supporting the SportVEST Foundation with strategic guidance. With over 17 years’ experience at the intersection of sports, technology and business Eamonn spent 11-years at ESPN, including 6 in the U.S. where he was a 2-time Emmy award winner as a producer, and also oversaw the Operations and launch of ESPN UK with the Premier League Rights in the UK and across EMEA.

Key Skills

Evaluating Teams (Human Capital)95%
Sports Media85%
Scaling Businesses90%
Contractual Negotiations85%
Executive Leadership80%
Sports Go to Market Strategies85%